Verwelkomen! Kuwakaribisha! Bienvenue à Cambridge! Welcome to one of the world’s most international, eclectic, and vibrant places to live. Meet Real Estate agents Roland Rambaud and Emma Guardia, the perfect team to help you buy or sell a great home in Cambridge or its surrounds. 

We speak real estate. We know the market. We know the neighborhood. Roland’s 32 years of experience in Cambridge have made him a recognized and respected expert throughout the community. And oui, il parle français, an advantage that has made many of our clients feel more comfortable. Emma brings a fresh set of eyes and a host of fresh ideas that perfectly complement the traditional side of Cambridge real estate. 

We also speak technology. We’re ahead of the curve with the latest apps and maps to answer client questions, make the search easier and prove the adage “A picture is worth a 1,000 words.” This reflects our affiliation with Compass, America’s “first modern real estate company,” as well as Emma’s own familiarity and expertise with the digital world. But technology comes second to the trust and understanding that underlie a really good client/ agent relationship. No app can provide personal service or understand the nuances of what a client is looking for or care about how they’re feeling today. We can, and we do. 

Our team offers clients a two-fer, providing both Roland’s wisdom and intuition acquired only through experience and Emma’s perspective, non-stop energy and appreciation of all things Millennial. It’s not an “either/or” proposition. It’s a “both,” indicative of this team’s ability to interface with people of all ages, interests, needs and personalities. Add in the support and resources of the Compass organization, including properties and offices across the country, and our often-peripatetic clients have a three-for-one powerhouse on their side. 

We speak yet another language: “Relax-ese.” We know selling or buying a house can be nerve-wracking, so we consider it an integral part of our job to keep the process as laid back as possible—even fun. We always have time to listen, to share a joke or hear a family story. We’re smart... and we’re upbeat. We’re easy to be with... and we’re here to make the search or sell process stress-free as well as successful. 

Buy. Sell. Smile

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Address 1073 Massachusetts Avenue  Cambridge, Ma 02138

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